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Last updated: 10/31/2019

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eXcelisys Business Tracker - eX-BizTracker

CRM/Invoicing/Inventory Jump-start FileMaker® Template Business Solution

We’ve busted our brains putting together this time-tested, much-requested FileMaker® Pro business app. The basics are there. Tweak it to fit your workflow — and BAM! — you’re off and running with an affordable, semi-custom software solution.

The flagship of our eX-File series, the eXcelisys BizTracker comes pre-built with a plethora of features and functionality. Hopping with capability, this robust CRM tackles inventory control, order processing (with kitting!), vendor tracking, invoicing, quoting, billing, POs, shipping and receiving, and correspondence logs. Did we mention QuickBooks integration and the forthcoming Xero Accounting connectivity?

Regularly updated by our app-savvy developers, the eX-BizTracker reaps the rewards from the latest and greatest version of FileMaker® Pro, taking advantage of FileMaker’s continued aggressive leap into the web and iOS/mobile platform deployment strategies.

Say goodbye to workarounds. The eX-BizTracker is geared for customization so you can make it do eXactly what you need it to do. It’s nimble. It’s flexible. Get a demo in your hands today.

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