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eXcelisys Evaluation Tracker - eX-EvalTracker

Jump-Start FileMaker Pro Template for Employee Performance Tracking

The eX-EvalTracker, personnel/employee performance tracking software, is the 2nd of our latest and greatest additions to the eX-Files jump-start FileMaker Pro template solutions series. This wonderfully easy and simple customizable FileMaker Pro application is another eXcelisys proactive software development endeavor geared towards those on the quest for a human resources evaluation tool.

Employee performance tracking has become common practice for many companies worldwide. Reviewing performance and conducting regular evaluations not only keeps you in tune with your workforce, it keeps your workforce in tune with you! Making this process easy and somewhat automated also provides a source of reference in cases of recognition-worthy, or the unfortunate and hopefully rare, unpleasant events that may arise with your working peeps.

Of course, there are a number of solutions out on the market, but this employee performance tracking software for human resources is simple, easy, and gets down to business. The eX-Eval Tracker provides just the right amount of features and functionality to make it ready-to-use immediately and less painful to maintain a happy and productive workforce.

Evaluation templates within the eX-EvalTracker can be easily configured and adapted for any job title/position, so you can build and maintain a performance review that is appropriate for a particular employee’s position within your company and/or organization. Right outta the proverbial box, this employee performance database offers a slew of cool features and functionalities.

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