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eXcelisys Rental Tracker – eX-RentalTracker

Practical & Adaptable Jump-Start FileMaker Pro Template for Equipment Rental Tracking

Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition? Try the eX-RentalTracker. This ridiculously radical FileMaker Pro® business app comes pre-built with plenty of features and functions. Track inventory (location, maintenance status, availability), bookings, returns, customer contacts, invoices and payments. Did we mention the availability calendar that lets you see into the future so you know when equipment will come in and when it will go out?

Whether it’s cameras, backhoes, power tools, party tents or other stuff-n-junk you need to track, this rental app can handle it in a snap! The coolest thing about this nifty rental equipment tracker is that it’s ready-to-roll and can be used “as-is.” However, if you require a few tweaks or enhancements to better fit your rental business needs, we can work a little backend magic to give you a semi-custom software solution.

When customers walk through your door, you give them clean, high-quality rentals to keep them coming back. Why not give yourself clean, high-quality equipment rental software to stay ahead of the pack? Grab the eX-RentalTracker demo today!

What’s Included:
- CRM – Customers (companies or people)
- Availability calendar
- Vendors
- Inventory/Products (and/or services)
- Bookings
- POs/Billing
- Receiving
- Reports
- Preferences (settings and users)

Features Include:
- Kitting (allows multiple items to be packaged in a single rental kit)
- Barcodes/handheld scanners (for quick check-out/check-in)
- Instant invoicing (no more entering long strings of product numbers)
- Equipment tracking (prompts users to select the condition of returned items at check-in so broken inventory doesn’t get placed back on the shelf)

The Geek Stuff:
- FileMaker Pro development standards and naming conventions modeled after recommendations at filemakerstandards.org
- Primary keys using the Get(UUID) function for simplified synchronization with offline devices
- Streamlined relationships graph by using card windows and the ExecuteSQL command to access data without extra table occurrences

Who uses the eX-RentalTracker? Glad you asked!
This equipment rental software has served client needs in a veritable cornucopia of industries, including:
- AV equipment – projectors, monitors, sound systems, microphone & speaker systems
- Bicycles
- Construction – lifts, concrete & masonry equipment, scaffolding
- Costumes & formal wear
- Dumpsters
- Earth-moving equipment – Bobcats, trenchers, tractors
- Event space
- Filmmaking – cameras, light stands, dollies & sliders, tripods, monitors
- Floor Care – tile & grout steamers, carpet cleaners
- Furniture – chairs, tables, desks
- Industrial – hydraulic tools, air scrubbers, storage containers
- Landscaping – tillers, leaf blowers, edgers
- Medical Supply – crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, home care beds, lift chairs
- Moving gear – trailers, trucks, dollies
- Outdoor recreation – boats, kayaks, canoes, wetsuits, snowboards, skis, paddleboards
- Party equipment – tents, bounce houses, serving ware, decor
- Photography equipment – cameras, lenses, flashes, cables
- Porta Potty
- Sports – batting cages, practice facilities
- Tools (home improvement) – ladders, saws, drills

And gobs and bunches more!!

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