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Price: Starting at $49/mo per user

Last updated: 12/18/2019

Language: English

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A powerful, proven tool to run your business your way.

Don’t let software run your business - let your business intelligence run your software YOUR way!

ProSTART begins as a full-featured, complete business management system that is ready to use. From there, you may want to customize it for your unique business needs, and we can help with that, too!


ProSTART gets you up and running 2-3 times faster and with less development cost than Salesforce, Oracle or other similar “build-from-scratch” database management systems. Its robust design has a complete set of pre-developed database modules that accelerate the development and deployment process. Each module is ready to go “as is,” or with minor customizations for your unique business.

ProSTART has been in use for over 10 years, and is a proven business automation tool that empowers your staff to do more in less time, including the features listed below… and more!


All ProSTART Modules and Settings
· Define and customize many aspects of program performance and settings
· Auditing feature to track who made changes to data, when, and what were the changes
· Daily Calendar and customizable menus
· Secure login & password management
· Assign user names, passwords, and access privileges

· Clients, Prospects, Contacts, and Opportunities
· Turn a Prospect into a Client with one click
· Google Location Map
· Client Rates, Contracts, and Budgets
· Save Notes, Documents, etc. linked to Clients

ProSTART Document Management
· Link documents, spreadsheets, videos, audio, images, etc.
· Files are stored securely outside of the database to improve performance
· Launch any file in its native program, make edits, and save it
· Save ProSTART records and reports as PDF documents and attach to email
· Documents may be linked to a variety of records in your database

ProSTART Calendar and Activities
· Day, Week, or Month views
· Filter by staff and/or color-coded categories
· Create single or recurring Activities
· Assign Activities to specific Staff and/or Clients
· Use Activities as reminders to email assigned staff right away, or as they log in

ProSTART Sales and Quotes
· Quotes, Sales Orders, Opportunities, and Invoices
· Easily add one or multiple line items
· View costs of a Quote, and determine if your preferred Profit Margin is met
· Easily create Recurring Sales Orders, on a weekly or monthly schedule
· Generate RMAs and track returns
· Suggested POs based on inventory to fulfill Sales Orders

ProSTART Shipping and Receiving
· Partial or combined shipments
· Track shipping weights, carriers, and tracking numbers
· Convenient Dashboard of Sales Orders ready to ship, and POs to receive
· Receive all items on a PO, or only some, and identify back orders

ProSTART Financial – Invoices and Payments
· Create professional Invoices from Sales Orders with one click!
· Easily apply payments, discounts, or credits
· Unique invoicing tool to gather and process all AP that needs to be invoiced in one place
· Quickly create recurring and memorized Invoices to save repetitive data entry
· API with other accounting & payment programs is available at additional cost

ProSTART Inventory Management
· Create and track items, inventory, non-inventory, service, subtotals and sales tax
· Bar code generation and integration
· Instantly view Sales Order and Purchase Order history for each product or service
· Store documents, notes, etc. related to the product or service
· Trigger minimum and maximum quantities so you know when to order
· Flexible Vendor Purchase Orders, including suggestions for what needs to be ordered
· Designate preferred Vendors for PO Items and compare most recent prices

ProSTART Project Management
· Robust, flexible, and fully integrated Project Management features
· Create dynamic Estimates and instantly convert to Projects
· Easily move Tasks to Tickets, and vice-versa
· Add Change Orders to Projects instantly
· Gantt Chart capability
· Schedule Tasks on the calendar
· Quality Control to identify tasks needing follow-up

FileMaker 16 or higher (18 or higher recommended).


What's New

[New for 2020] - Our powerful email integration program ProCOM is included with the ProSTART package at no extra cost during our Limited Time Offer. ProCOM is a dynamic support utility that can be connected to popular email programs such as Outlook, without additional software. This allows your emails to show in your main ProSTART solution, where they can be linked to Staff, Customers, and Vendors in meaningful ways that save you from having to search your inbox!

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