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Last updated: 3/31/2017

Language: English

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Generate QR-Code & GS1-QR Code symbols without fonts.

Generate QR-Code & GS1-QR Code symbols without any additional components or fonts.

Generate QR-Code & GS1-QR Code symbols in FileMaker natively without any additional components, fonts, linked fields or database relationships. A GS1 HRI (human readable interpretation) component is also included in this package to parse out and format text according to the GS1 HRI specification. The embedded script generates an HTML5 image within a web viewer object, that when displayed in a report, creates a FileMaker barcode. The web viewer object script is a complete barcode generator that stays embedded in the report for easy distribution.

What's New

Added advanced support for GS1, ISBT, and HIBC with tilde options to GS1-QR-Code and added font and font size setting to the GS1 HRI object included in QR Code.

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