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Product Type: Apps

Price: £99/annum

Last updated: 7/8/2019

Language: English

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Manage multiple FileMaker Server 17 and 18 installations.

FMSWebAdmin allows management of multiple FileMaker Server 17 & 18 installations from one location.

FMSWebAdmin has been deigned to work through FileMaker WebDirect and allows you and your team to manage multiple FileMaker Server 17 and 18 installations from one location. We have also added options to build your CLI commands and options to upload FileMaker Server logs with charting to help you analyse any issues being experienced on that specific server.

FMSWebAdmin is a super helpful FileMaker solution for any FileMaker developer, infrastructure manager or hosting company that is managing multiple FileMaker Server 17 or 18 installations.

- You will need to host this solution on FileMaker Server in order to access through WebDirect.
- The host FileMaker Server will need direct access to any server you want to manage remotely.
- Log file processing is done on server side so you will need drive space to hold the data and server specification will affect processing time.
- WebDirect is supported on Chrome, Edge & Safari, versions depend on your FileMaker Server host version.

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