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Price: Starting at $129

Last updated: 7/11/2019

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Charting and drawing plug-in

Create stunning business charts, visualize scientific data, design your own custom-tailored drawings.

xmCHART is the most-comprehensive charting and drawing plug-in for FileMaker.

• Adjust your drawing by using xmCHART's built-in scripting language.
• Update charting values and drawing components dynamically.
• Enhance your diagrams by adding texts and images.
• Add trendlines, moving averages and error bars to your charts.
• Create advanced charts by overlaying and combining diagrams.
• Arrange arbitrarily texts, graphics and charts all within one drawing.
• Import and export high-resolution bitmap images in different image formats.
• Get the cursor position and launch a FileMaker script.
• Produce resolution-independent PDF and SVG images for publication or web use.
• Combine barcodes with texts, images and diagrams.
• Create high quality PDF drawings in FileMaker Runtime solutions.

xmCHART is available for:
• FileMaker Pro Advanced
• FileMaker Server
• FileMaker Cloud
• FileMaker WebDirect
• FileMaker Runtime solutions

What's New

What's new in xmCHART 5.0: Linear and radial gauges, contour and density plots, Venn diagrams. New text engine rewritten from scratch, supports now styled texts and hyphenation. New table, group and tag elements. Custom color schemes and color scales. Legend for heat maps, tree maps and density plots. New and improved arrow and round polygon objects. Texts and symbols along arbitrary paths. Backgrounds with round corners and paddings. Enhanced and improved symbol collection. Custom color schemes and color scales. Enhanced fill style for Gantt charts. Rotated views. Support of Script Steps.

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