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Simplify your business management.

Active Biz is the result of 7 years of development around our management tool !

We started from a simple observation: why not offer our customers the management tool that we use every day for our activity, while proposing to adapt it according to their use !

This solution is a starting point for the commercial management of the company.
As such, it brings together in an ergonomic user interface most of the functions and modules covering most of the business needs of companies in this field:
- the management of third parties (prospects, customers, suppliers, contacts)
- document management (quotations, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes
- the management of the specificities of the company's activity (trading, manufacturing, catalogue
of articles, services...)
- purchasing management
- delivery management
- inventory management

You can start your management from a "blank" version of Active Biz, but also import data from your previously used tools: Excel tables, other management tools.

Let's remember: this solution is a starting point for Active Development.

This means that it natively contains the fundamentals necessary for commercial management, but also and above all that we adapt it to your needs: customization of the screens, the data you want to manage, addition of a particular module such as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, follow-up / reminder of customer payments (automatic emails), or even a mobile tool for your sales representatives accessible from a smartphone or tablet.

Simplify your business management.

From quotation to invoice payment, Active Biz has all the functionalities to optimize your sales cycle, purchases and anticipate your replenishments.

Simple, Customizable, Powerful.

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