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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: 99

Last updated: 1/29/2020

Language: English

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Generate 8 barcode types and QR codes. Easy to install.

One custom function and one webviewer that’s all you need to generate 8 barcode types and QR codes.

EasyBarcode supports the following barcode types:

CODE 128
EAN-13 (with check digit creation/validation)
QR code

EasyBarcode uses one custom function to generate JavaScript in a WebViewer to build the image. If needed, it can write the image as a PNG file to a container field of your choice for better printing results.

It’s not because the EasyBarcode function is so easy to use, that this means it’s simple. You can fully adjust the barcode to your needs!

You can tweak your barcodes or QR codes as much as you want: from very large packing labels to tiny stickers. It is possible to generate barcodes in bulk. Thousand barcodes are created in just 30 seconds.

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