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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 1/29/2020

Language: English

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Manage Server Side Schedules in FileMaker Cloud.

Easily manage FileMaker Server Side Schedules with our FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager.

Claris International, Inc. has recently released two new products: FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Cloud Essentials. Both platforms wrap FileMaker Licensing and Cloud hosting into one simple, annual price. However these products introduce an important update: FileMaker ID (FMID). FileMaker ID is an integrated sign-on system that will allow access to all your files hosted on FileMaker Cloud, and requires all users and developers to create their own unique IDs.

In order to use the FileMaker Admin API–and therefore the FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager-with FileMaker Cloud or FileMaker Cloud Essentials, you must have a FileMaker ID. This update is excluded from FileMaker Cloud for AWS, as Claris will discontinue support for this product in 2021.

We have updated our Cloud Schedule Manager to now be compatible with FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Cloud Essentials, AND FileMaker Cloud for AWS. Let’s take a look at the updated FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager!

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