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Price: $549.00 for annual site license or $199.00 for unlocked

Last updated: 8/15/2019

Language: English

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Manage directory creation, booster group, memberships & more

A smart directory is just the beginning. Use this organizational goldmine to inspire great works!

Membership Keeper was designed to support volunteer groups that support kids, like Parent-Teacher-Student organizations at schools and churches. Membership Keeper makes it easy to collect contact information for parents, students, staff and other stakeholders to automatically create beautiful, professional-looking pages for a directory... and then so much more! With all that wonderful directory information, users track membership (like PTA memberships) & committee members, organize carpools, collect student fees, track yearbook sales & t-shirt orders, organize auctions, print name tags and class lists, and keep in touch with alumni and donors.

UNIQUE FAMILY MEMBER LINKING: Membership Keeper stores family information per household; relating parents and children whether they live in multiple households, have multiple children or different last names. Membership Keeper utilizes this information not only for the directory but also to save resources by enhancing communication with each family instead of every child.

GREAT FOR TRACKING ALUMNI TOO: Membership Keeper has useful scripts to help prepare the database at the beginning of each school year. For example, instead of just deleting out graduates, Membership Keeper can determine if a family is still “current” or now “alumni”. And Membership Keeper captures more alumni data because it easily culls families that have left from all grades, not just the graduates.

USE IN COORDINATION WITH YOUR OTHER SOFTWARE SYSTEMS: Membership Keeper helps you generate individual emails to easily reconfirm contact data every year to keep your directory contact info accurate. Then, create PDFs of our automated reports, at the touch of a button, to easily produce beautiful directory pages: students by classroom, students by grade, staff contact info, different-last-name reference pages, students by locality, parent index, and more. Export family data to create carpool maps using Google maps.

Initial Setup:
Getting started with Membership Keeper is easy!
• Setup School information and school year in the Settings area
• Import or enter Teacher & Staff information starting on the Staff tab
• Import or enter Student information starting on the Students tab
• Import or enter Parent & Volunteer information starting on the Parents tab
• Assign students to teachers, if desired
• Add Student Activities and create team lists, if desired
• Add Committees and create committee contact lists, if desired
• Add Booster Groups and produce booster donations reports, if desired

And so much more! Membership Keeper is a great solution to support volunteer’s passion to contribute effectively at schools, churches or other groups.

Integratis Inc. offers development, training and support for Membership Keeper on an hourly basis. Let us know if you would like help!

What's New

Improved contact data comparison tool to compare family data in the database from last year to new data imported data for upcoming year, to quickly highly difference to improve accuracy of contact information.

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