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Product Type: Apps

Price: $15.00 unlocked

Last updated: 1/1/2020

Language: English

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Manage bartering in a co-op to save money and make friends!

Manage your co-op easily and elegantly. Track points with ready-made forms and reports.

Save money and gain peace of mind by organizing a cooperative for your children, pets or other loved ones. Use SwapKeeper to keep track of member information, post cooperative rules, record swap event information/points and generate member email news distribution lists. SwapKeeper is an unlocked FileMaker Pro template so you can customize it. Available for FileMaker 12 and later.

Features include....

All-In-One Integrated Solution
• Member Information Tracking
• Swap Points Record Keeping
• Miscellaneous Points Record Keeping (for coordinator duties, hosting parties and more)
• Points Reports
• Email Distribution List Generator
• "Cooperative Rules" Bulletin Board

User Friendly
• Easy record-keeping
• Intuitive, web-like navigation
• Point & click functionality
• Simple to use
• Saves time & promotes accuracy

Simplifies Information Sharing
• Information entry is logical & easy for others to find and use
• Share co-op information via a hosting site or email reports to members periodically
• "Cooperative Coordinator" & Member password protection
• Runs on Mac OSX or Windows platforms

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