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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Starting at $100/year per user

Last updated: 10/28/2021

Language: English

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Connect FileMaker to Apple Contacts

Address Book Manipulator simplifies contact management by connecting FileMaker with Apple Contacts.

The Address Book Manipulator plug-in simplifies your contact management by allowing you to connect your FileMaker app with Apple Contacts.

Eliminate double entry with the Address Book Manipulator! This plug-in can be scripted to allow the user to add, edit or delete Apple contacts directly from FileMaker. With a robust integration, users can pull any data based on the plug-in's supported criteria from Apple contacts into FileMaker.

Key Features
• Consolidate your contact lists
• Create, retrieve, edit or delete Apple Contact records from within FileMaker
• Add, edit, delete Apple contact groups or contacts within groups
• Manage group and individual contact records
• Get and set contact pictures and custom fields
• Track multiple addresses, phone numbers and emails per contact record

This plug-in comes with a free 30-day trial and unlocked demo file, integration documentation, and instructional videos.

Address Book Manipulator is a Mac only plug-in for FileMaker 64-bit systems and Apple Contacts.

Tips for getting started: 
1. Download the demo file 
2. Watch our free instructional videos 
3. Review the Developer’s Guide and Functions Guide

What's New

Miscellaneous updates for security and compatibility.

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