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Last updated: 4/17/2020

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Track Personal Health Data

Private. Secure. Untraceable. A Free App for Tracking & Analyzing Personal Health Data Over Time.

What Does It Do?

The Essential HealthTracker app allows you to create profiles and track key health metrics for multiple people. For privacy purposes, it is intended for use by individuals or those in a family unit.

Key metrics included in the app are height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, severity of cough, difficulty breathing and other indicators. The app also allows you to enter when, what kind and how much of any medication you take. Each entry is time-stamped and shown in both list and graph formats for quickly and easily assessing the progression of each over time.

The app allows you to export data to a printed report for sharing with your doctor or other caregivers. It does not contain any tracking mechanism, nor does it share data outside of the app. It is intended purely for personal use and any sharing of information happens solely at the user’s discretion.

Use it to track the progression of acute illnesses, such as COVID-19, or as an app to log daily measurements and medications when managing a chronic illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Why We Made It

In the Spring of 2020, the novel coronavirus went from a regional phenomenon to a global pandemic. In the event we became infected, we wanted an app that easily let us enter, track and analyze the most common metrics that serve as indicators of COVID-19. We also wanted to be able to share that data with our doctors, if we wanted to, so needed an easy means of exporting the tracked data into a PDF that could be emailed, again, at our discretion. Releasing this app for free is our way of contributing to the various efforts going on during tough times for this world.

Key Features:

Tracks various health metrics quickly and easily, including height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, cough severity, etc.
Documents medications and dosages with timestamped entries
Metrics shown in both list or easy-to-read graph formats
Allows private health tracking for an individual or multiple people
Entirely private and absolutely no sharing of data unless initiated by the user
No internet connection required

What's New

Version 1.1: Moved height and weight values from profile to measurements to allow tracking over time. FileMaker Go 19 is now required.

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