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Last updated: 6/5/2020

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Intelligent Wholesale Nursery Management

Wholesale nursery management made simple, from planning to inventory to shipping.

Sembrent™ Nursery Solutions is a subscription based software for wholesale nurseries that simplifies the complex process of producing a living, sellable product at just the right time. Every feature in Sembrent was designed and developed to provide maximum benefit to the nursery, be user friendly and be reliable under all circumstances.

At the core of Sembrent’s functionality is a product template feature. This is where the nursery defines the plant variety(s), container, the quantity in a sell group, and a UPC code for a product. Next comes the part that makes product templates so powerful. An unlimited number of production plans can be created for each product template. This allows nurseries to produce end products in a number of ways with many combinations of variables. For instance, the same product could be started from seed with one plan and from a cutting in another plan. The number of transplants and the containers used in each stage of a product’s life cycle can vary between plans along with durations and expected survival rates. The possibilities for ways to produce the same end product are almost endless.

Once end products and their production plans are defined, creating inventory lots from them is a breeze. Using the specs of the production plan chosen for that lot, Sembrent’s advanced logic will build a pending lot with a production schedule along with pending usage dates and quantities for every part needed to produce an end product on the desired release for sale date. And it’ll do it in a fraction of the time and effort it took you to read this paragraph. And for nurseries who release the same products in ongoing batches over weeks or months, the feature for duplicating a lot makes it even more easy and efficient.

In addition to being a powerful production and inventory management feature, lot creation is also a powerful planning feature. Lots can be created in advance, allowing a nursery to create a detailed production schedule for the next season and use “just in time” inventory management of seeds, containers, tags and more, allowing a nursery to maximize its cash on hand.

When a product is ready for sale, orders are created and edited easily with Sembrent’s order feature. Sembrent has been engineered to ensure that only available products can be added to an order and you’ll never end up with more products ordered than are available. If products from the same lot are added to multiple orders at the same time, Sembrent will only complete the order transaction for the first person. Then other users will be told to try again and they’ll be presented with the new, adjusted quantities of available product, which eliminates the possibility of quantity errors.

To finalize orders, the product picks are recorded, with an option for recording last minute losses, and then how many were actually shipped to the customer. Because wholesale nursery orders can be quite large with many line items, the packing lists and invoices are generated in ways that best meet the needs of the customer. While packing lists call out every single item and quantity, invoices consolidate line items by common UPC codes, making it easy for the customer’s receiving and A/P departments.

For subscribers who choose the Professional+QB Link plan, invoices can be generated and pushed to Quickbooks Desktop from a computer running Sembrent on Windows with the single click of a button. Say goodbye to double-data entry between your nursery management system and Quickbooks Desktop.

All this and much more is available right now to make your wholesale nursery management easier than ever. A subscription to Sembrent Nursery Solutions means you get to focus on the important stuff (your business) while we take care of server management, database hosting, backups, and data security.

Visit our website to learn more and schedule a demo. It may just change the way you think about wholesale nursery management.

What's New

Nursery production & inventory management along with recording order picks & shipping are now fully supported on an iPad version of Sembrent. Sow, plant, transplant, release for sale and declare losses from a greenhouse or in the field. Order picks can be assigned to multiple users to speed up gathering products from multiple locations. An iPad running Sembrent at the shipping dock is all that's needed to manage outgoing orders.

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