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Product Type: Extensions

Price: From $499 plus $2.79/user

Last updated: 5/7/2020

Language: English

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Build Native Android apps from your FileMaker solutions

Take your existing FileMaker® layout, and convert it to a native Android app

LCFM Native lets you take an existing FileMaker® layout, and convert it to a native app on any device. For example, take a FileMaker Go or Desktop layout and compile it for Android with LCFM Native. Presto, your FileMaker solution is now a native Android app. And still talking to FileMaker.

With LCFM Native you can synchronize data as your app goes online and offline. Today’s users expect that your app can handle those moments with poor signal or no connection. Your new app will be capable of working offline and will sync whenever it gets a connection. Ideal for remote locations, sites without reliable internet, apps that are used on the go where internet may drop in and out… in fact the robust, modern solution your users need.

You can Compile FileMaker Solutions to both Android & iOS. For the first time ever you can deploy your FileMaker Go and Desktop solutions to Android and if you want to experience all the benefits of LCFM Native with your existing mobile solutions, you can deploy perfectly to iOS too.

Keep your data within FileMaker and provide a great user experience in mixed environments. You have your data in FileMaker and want to deploy additional operating systems. Your native app keeps the data in FileMaker together with all the relationships you’ve created.

Your solution features are faithfully represented in your native app. Because you are creating a native app, you are not limited to web-only features. Need to take a photo and upload it? Access the location data on the device? Scan a barcode? Whatever your FileMaker Solution can do, your LCFM Native app will do the same.

The LCFM Native tool currently runs on Mac

LCFM Native supports FileMaker 18

Product Status Update
LCFM Native 1.5 is in an advanced beta stage. We currently support around 80% of the entire FileMaker feature set and we are working hard to support the rest. You can find out what features we currently cover on our website. You can also view some sample Android apps on our website. If you have an existing project with a deadline and would like us to compile your solution to see if your features are working please get in touch.

What's New

A brand new user interface to make compiling your solution to Android easier than ever. We’ve also now finished implementing every major area of portals, and most of the minor ones. If your solution uses portals, you should see them faithfully represented now in your LCFM Native app. This latest release has 501 more new features, fixes, and enhancements than the last one.

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