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Product Type: Extensions

Price: $445 per server

Last updated: 4/11/2021

Language: English

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Real Time Inbound and Outbound Photo Messaging for FileMaker

Connect Twilio Programmable MMS to your FileMaker solution in a few minutes without writing new code.

Mandelbrot MMS is the advanced version of our SMS product, Mandelbrot SMS. It is a bolt-on application that helps developers of any skill level attach real time, conversational MMS messaging to an existing FileMaker solution. Send and receive unlimited picture messages to any telephone number in the US or Canada. This new product allows anyone to start sending and receiving picture messages from FileMaker in hours, not weeks.

A few of the most common use cases and business problems solved by Mandelbrot MMS are:

-Receiving pictures from customers and automatically attaching them to records in FileMaker
-Sending coupons, images and text in automated marketing campaigns
-Confirming and rescheduling appointments, deliveries, dates, times and phone numbers, etc
-Separating personal and business cell phone numbers (privacy)
-Maintaining continuity with customers by centralizing message records
-Giving customers a single phone number to send and receive text messages to/from your business
-Automatically attaching a text conversation to a specific record in an existing database
-Controlling your solution without logging in via inbound text message
-Standalone MMS messaging
-Two factor authentication
-Cell number verification
-Lowering costs by eliminating extra phone lines

What Features Come Standard with Mandelbrot MMS
-Sends, receives and displays new multimedia messages in real time without refresh buttons or scheduled scripts
-Purchase, re-provision or release Twilio phone numbers in real time from inside the app (no Twilio experience required)
-All messages are hosted on your server in a FileMaker database for easy integration with your custom apps
-Ships completely unlocked so you can start integrating your custom apps immediately
-Automatically checks if a phone number is a cell phone before texting it the first time
-Clean, familiar layouts that can be learned by anyone in minutes

Can I Just Write My Own MMS Connector? Of course you can! Here’s what you’ll need:

-Two to six weeks to learn, build, provision, test and debug your app and associated middleware
-Experience working with an SMS gateway (we use Twilio)
-Real professional level coding skills (node.js, C#, Python, etc) to write the middleware needed (you will need something to refactor and send your messages from Twilio to FileMaker)
-A server outside of FileMaker for your middleware to live and remain available 24/7
-A few tricks to make FileMaker refresh what is in your portals or on your listview layouts without navigating away from them, which is not natively supported

Even if you’re a skilled FileMaker developer and you’ve got a bunch of free time, it’s probably just a whole lot cheaper and faster to just buy it from us instead of writing it yourself.

System Requirements
-Hosting: A publicly available FileMaker server running FileMaker Server 17+ or FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.17+
-Client: FileMaker Pro 16+, FileMaker Go 16+ or FileMaker WebDirect
-Free Twilio Account

What's New

Major speed improvements for inbound messaging with pics or other media attached. Customers who have Mandelbrot PBX can now place phone calls directly from Mandelbrot MMS. Check out the 3 minute tour here.

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