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Last updated: 3/1/2020

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Professional quotations in line with DNR StB in a snap...

The ultimate tool for architects and engineers to create quotes in line with the DNR StB...

For the design consultants in the construction industry in the Netherlands, general conditions and standard work have been described in a document called DNR StB for the work carried out by the branch association ('BNA'). The DNR StB is an abbreviation for "De Nieuwe Regeling Standaard Taakbeschrijving" which means as much as The New Regulation Standard Task Description.
When issuing an offer, the general terms and conditions and a cross list with standard activities are included.

The application serves architects, engineers and advisors by enabling them to tick tasks per discipline per project, link hourly wages and hours and thereby generate quotations from the DNR StB. These can be exported as PDF and Excel. In addition, it is possible to add your own activities and the simplified version of the DNR-StB, the CR2013 for consumers, has been included.

The application also supports the client. He / she can indicate per discipline which tasks are expected from the consultant and export these as a file that can be read by the consultant. The consultant now only needs to assign hourly wages and hours to the tasks and to export and send the quotation as PDF or XLS.

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