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Product Type: Training

Price: $9.99

Last updated: 5/20/2020

Language: English

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Intermediated/Advanced FileMaker training from Cris Ippolite

If you're comfortable with FileMaker basics, then you're ready for the next step using FileMaker 19.

Claris Lifetime Achievement Award-winning trainer Cris Ippolite ( reveals solutions to maximize your efficiency and make your FileMaker apps more dynamic and sophisticated. Explore advanced techniques using scripts, calculations, reports, and layouts.

In addition, you can explore important security tips and learn the publishing options offered by FileMaker Server, including FileMaker WebDirect and technologies like CoreML and Siri Shortcuts on FileMaker Go for iOS.

Cris also shows you how to connect to other databases and exchange data with APIs, as well as how to use JSON data and JavaScript in your custom apps.

What's New

CoreML and Siri Shortcuts as well as NFC scanning

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