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Last updated: 5/21/2020

Language: English

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The Database for your FileMaker Server schedules

One-click solution to parse, load and process all your FMS schedule configurations.

Restoring FileMake Server schedules is labour intensive.

If you’re re-installing or migrating FileMaker Server, rebuilding the schedules can be difficult. There’s no easy way to restore or even reference the schedules from your old server deployment. This is where fmSchedule Loader can help.

fmSchedule Loader stores, loads and displays FileMaker Server schedule settings in one click. No plugins. No XML know-how required.

How it works:
Before migrating/re-installing your FileMaker server, download fmSchedule Loader and use it to:
• Store a backup of your FileMaker Server settings file
• Import and display the schedules in a human readable way
• Then move fmSchedule Loader to your new server installation
• Reference fmSchedule Loader when entering the schedules in FileMaker Server’s Admin console

• Compatible with FileMaker Pro versions 18 and later (Windows and Mac OS).
• Not supported on FileMaker Go or FileMaker Cloud.

What's New

Coming soon, fmSchedule Loader Pro will make migrating FMS schedules even easier. The Pro version will allow you to: 1) export schedules to a new file; 2) copy schedules to a new config file; 3) merge schedules from 2 config files.

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