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Product Type: Apps

Price: Free

Last updated: 6/10/2020

Language: English

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Simple App Using FileMaker 19 JavaScript Function

This free app allows you to capture eSignatures and save them as images from a Webviewer.

Using FileMaker 19's new Filemaker.PerformScript() Webviewer JavaScript function, you can quickly and easily capture an eSignature and have it stored in a .png image. By clicking the "Edit Code" button at the top right of the Home payout, you have the ability to view and edit the HTML source code that is in the webviewer. This can be used as a training tool to show how to quickly and simply utilize FileMaker's new JavaScript function and can easily be integrated into an existing custom app.

This will work in FileMaker Pro 19 , FileMaker Go 19 and FileMaker WebDirect (with FileMaker Server 19).

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