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Last updated: 7/7/2020

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Flexible, interactive nested portals with custom styling

Utilize expanding rows in a layout with style customization to match your theme.

Accordion tables allow you to have expanding rows in a FileMaker layout, fulfilling a similar role as a list view or portal. These are incredibly flexible and allow you to do things like:

- Nest Multiple Levels of Expanding Tables
- Combine Data from Different Tables into a Single List
- Trigger FileMaker Scripts from Clicking Table Elements
- Fully Customizable Style to Match Your Theme

This utility provides you with HTML you can embed into your FileMaker database. You can build nested tables in FileMaker using regular scripting to create JSON and then can use your JSON as a data source for displaying the table in the structure you want. This gives you the effect of having nested portals or (sub-portals) on your layout.

This system allows you to have as many levels of nested tables as you would like. For example: You could have a list of customers which expand when clicked to show the orders for that customer. The orders could then expand when clicked to show line items for the orders.

Similarly, you are not required to show the same sub-table for each row. As an example, you could have a list of projects. One project might be for a website and expand to show pages on that site, along with related page information. Another project in the list might be a party and could expand to show ice cream flavors.

This package allows you to create clickable elements which will trigger the scripts you specify. Each cell in the table can trigger the same or different scripts, as you specify, and can pass whatever parameters you specify with it. The elements can be buttons or table cells themselves.

The visual appearance is handled by CSS. You can give elements custom classes and customize the included CSS to tailor the appearance to match your app.

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