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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Free

Last updated: 8/12/2020

Language: English

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Beautiful, Dynamic JavaScript Interfaces

Reactor offers the best way to integrate JavaScript and the web viewer into your solution.

Reactor allows anyone with a bit JavaScript know-how to create a “Blackbox” — to encapsulate code from the web as a single installable control (a “Blackbox”) that gives the FileMaker developer a new user interface widget that’s simple and easy to use.

What you get with the the download:

-GNU GPLv2 license
-Reactor v6 plugin
-Reactor Builder
-Sample Controls (aka “Widgets”)

The Reactor Core database and the controls we’ve included are all open source — and you now have all the tools you need to get in and play around with them, recompile and create customized variants of our BlackBoxes. Some are available under GPL type licenses from the original library authors, which means you can use them for free in your own projects or license them from the library author for use in closed source products.

What's New

Reactor is now free and open plus we have just released Version 6.

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