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Product Type: Apps

Price: £29 per user/per month, 5 users min and min 1 year. Bundle offers with Contract Toolkit and contract Audit are available.

Last updated: 9/1/2020

Language: English

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RAID + Opportunity = RADIO

Tracks opportunities arising within projects and enables no-surprises project management.

Bring your projects to life in a simple dashboard by RADIO from Contract Toolkit that allows the board to make strategic decisions.

All Risks, Assumptions, Dependencies, Issues and Opportunities are summarised at an organisation level to make it easy to push your teams forward at a tactical level. It’s easy to identify the owner of each RADIO record and find out what has been done to answer questions, solve problems and maintain the pace of the action.

RADIO will reflect the hierarchy in your organisation to make it easy for users to see the information that is relevant to them.

Invite your customers and suppliers into the shared workspace: everyone can see what’s going on with their own projects (their own projects, no-one else’s). It’s easier for everyone in the team to respond quickly and stay right up to date.

Make the most of opportunities that arise during the ongoing projects by capturing them in RADIO for further action by sales and business teams. RADIO will help you track their progress and ensure that no chance to expand the footprint is overlooked.

Traditional RAID logs focus on what’s going wrong, the addition of Opportunities helps to change the mind-set of those involved, prompting them to seek the positives as well as the negatives in every project.

Ad-hoc opportunities are often missed because project teams don’t generally know how to handle them or how to get them to the right channel. Historically, such Opportunities often don’t make it out of the project steering committee meeting minutes and are lost from view and possible action. And that’s a loss of value to your organisation that is probably gone forever.

Set it up to reflect your own hierarchy and report on the levels and areas that matter to you. See the total costs for all projects in your organisation along with colourful graphics showing trends and overall risk.

Use crowd-sourcing to allow every member of the project team to record and update their own risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies and opportunities rather than burdening your Project Manager. After all, many hands do make light work.

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