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FileMaker Certification Preparation Complete Course

The FileMaker Certification Preparation course helps developers study for the FileMaker exam.

The FileMaker Certification Preparation course from Productive Computing University addresses all eight parts of the exam and is intended to help FileMaker developers study for and increase their chances of passing.

Passing the FileMaker Certification exam can be challenging for even the most experienced developers who use FileMaker day-to-day in their work. Taking the FileMaker Certification exam can seem daunting when looking through the study guide and recommended study materials. Passing the test requires a deep and thorough understanding of the entire FileMaker platform.

While we don't have any of the exam questions nor do we teach to the test, we extrapolate and expand on the information provided in the FileMaker 17 and 18 Certification Study Guides.

This 19+ hour course provides you with a well-rounded understanding of what to focus on for the FileMaker exam. We utilize visual aids, engaging examples, and memory techniques to help you retain and recall the information during the exam.

The FileMaker Certification Preparation course is divided into chapters that concisely cover the eight sections of the exam.

- Technical Specifications: review details for FileMaker Server, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect

- Defining Database Schema: learn the types of FileMaker fields, options for auto-entry, validation, storage, indexing, relationship graph, and how to simplify complex relationships.

- Building Layouts: working with fields, tables, relationships, charts, script triggers, buttons, panels, themes, formatting, and all of the tools to use them properly.

- Working with Calculations: using the proper expression syntax, logic, and order of operations; the behavior and use of calculation functions; and the behavior and use of custom functions.

- Writing Scripts: covers scripting concepts of core algorithm techniques and scripting features, context, and the tools and techniques for troubleshooting scripts.

- Securing FileMaker Systems: understanding how to control “who can access what” at all levels of a FileMaker app.

- Deploying Custom Apps: reviews the deployment techniques for FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

- Data Integration: covers the methods used to connect to external data sources

PLEASE NOTE: We do not include a sample file with this course since you want to encourage you to work through each section and learn-by-doing. Also, this course does not teach you the basics of using FileMaker and assumes that you have a good working knowledge of FileMaker.

The FileMaker Certification Preparation course is available for purchase as a stand-alone course or as part of the University Bundle. 

If you are interested but undecided, the free Certification Overview course provides you with over 10 sample lessons. For more information and to enroll please visit

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