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Product Type: Training

Price: $149/year

Last updated: 8/2/2018

Language: English

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Connect FileMaker to Google

Install, configure, and develop solutions to build a direct connection from FileMaker to Google.

The Connect FileMaker to Google course from Productive Computing University is the fastest and most effective way to learn how to master the gManipulator plug-in so that you can connect your FileMaker solution to Google or G Suite.
It can be quite a challenge to communicate with a robust online service such as Google using native FileMaker functionality, and we have found that using a plug-in drastically improves the speed of the integrations. The gManipulator plug-in integrates your FileMaker solution with multiple Google APIs so that you don't need to learn and configure each on your own. 
You can learn how to perform integrations between FileMaker and Google using the online documentation and demo file available for gManipulator. However, this course was created to significantly save you time - especially if you've never completed a plug-in integration in FileMaker before.
In this 6.5 hour course, you will learn how to install, configure, and build a direct connection from FileMaker to Google Services.
Course topics include:
• Installing the gManipulator plug-in
• Connecting to Google Contacts
• Integrating with Google Calendar
• Working with Google Tasks
• Pushing and pulling Google Mail
The Connect FileMaker to Google course is available for purchase as a stand-alone course or as part of the University Bundle.

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