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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 2/23/2024

Language: English

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Using an Address in the USA, find its sales and use tax rate

Uses Avalara API to find a Sales tax rates in a FileMaker solution.

This script utilizes the Avalara API to retrieve sales tax rates, categorized by taxing entities, for a specified address within the USA. Access to the API necessitates an account with Avalara, typically requiring approval obtained through online chat or telephone communication. Avalara, a tax reporting service provider, offers this free sales tax rate API as an introductory tool to promote their tax reporting services. While the API is complimentary, anticipate engagement from Avalara's sales team regarding potential upselling of their products. This script serves as an extension, intended for integration into existing solutions such as an Invoicing module. It relies on the "insert from URL" script step, available since FileMaker 12. The template has undergone testing and validation with versions 18, 19, and 20 up to 20.3.1, using version 2.0 of the Avalara API. This solution is provided as-is, and we cannot guarantee its perpetual functionality as Avalara may modify its API. You can adapt this script as a foundation for exploring additional API functionalities offered by Avalara, particularly upon procurement of supplementary services from them.

What's New

Version 2 had been confirmed to work with v20.3.1 as of February 2024.

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