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Last updated: 9/1/2020

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Using an Address in the USA, find its sales and use tax rate

Uses Avalara API to find a Sales tax rates in a FileMaker solution

This is a script that uses the Avalara API to find the sales tax rates, broken down by taxing entity, for a given address in the USA. It requires you to obtain an account from Avalara, which often requires an online chat or telephone call to get approved. Avalara is a tax reporting service and this free sales tax rate API is a teaser to encourage you to make use of their tax reporting services. So while this API is free, expect to hear from their sales team up-selling their products. This script is an extension and not meant to be an end user solution. It is meant for you to copy and integrate into your own solution such as an Invoicing module. It requires the "insert from URL" script step that has been supported since FileMaker 12. However, we have only tested it in versions 18 and 19 against the version 2.0 of the Avalara API. This solution is provided as-is and we do not warranty that this will always work in that Avalara might change its API, but it was working as of September 2020. You can use this script as a template to explore other API functionality from Avalara, particularly if you purchase additional services from them.

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