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Last updated: 9/1/2020

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UPS Parcel Shipping Status via RESTful API

Find UPS Parcel Shipping Status via RESTful API for products you are shipping or receiving.

This is a solution with a script that takes a UPS tracking number and then has FileMaker communicate with the UPS database via a RESTful API. It requires you to obtain credentials from UPS, which have no cost. You submit a UPS Tracking Number and it returns the status of the parcel shipment in a JSON formatted variable, which you can then parse out into fields as necessary. I have mostly used this at clients that want to keep up with tracking status and have it run an hourly schedule script that searches for all shipments in the last couple of weeks that are not shown to be delivered and it will get the shipping status and update a FileMaker status field usually in an Invoice or Shipping layout. This is not a final solution, it is just a script designed for you to copy and integrate into your own FileMaker solution. This solution only pulls over UPS Tracking Status, which actually is just one small part of the overall UPS API. You could use this as a template to learn other parts of the UPS system or if you would like a commercial solution that has the whole API (tracking, address validation, rates, scales, shipping labels, etc.), check out NRG Soft. This is just a simple utility that does one commonly requested feature about UPS shipments. We provide it as-is and it works with FileMaker 19 and the version of UPS API as of September 2020. We do not warrant that it will always work.

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