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Product Type: Apps

Price: $35.00

Last updated: 6/17/2019

Language: English

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Bundled business solution, hosting, and FileMaker license.

CRM system and solid solution foundation for sharing in the cloud at the best pricing.

fmIgnite Starter Clous is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SaaS (Software as a Service) system and complete solution foundation that you can use to build a custom shared solution using FileMaker, the #1 workplace innovation platform in the world.

Get fmIgnite Starter bundled with LuminFire’s reliable FileMaker cloud hosting and FileMaker Licensing. This Cloud SaaS model saves you money over standard FileMaker hosting and FileMaker licensing costs while providing an amazing software base/framework for your solution. It also allows you to get just the FileMaker licensing you need with all ongoing version updates included…even below the normal 5 user minimum. Key modules include: Dashboard, Contacts, Invoices, Products, Time Logs, and Preferences

Includes the best engineered FileMaker starter solution, the most reliable FileMaker cloud hosting, and FileMaker licensing with Advanced for Windows/macOS, FileMaker Go for iOS, and WebDirect for each user.

fmIgnite Starter is built on a solid foundation of developer best practices; honed over the last 20+ years of building FileMaker solutions to make it powerful—yet easy to modify. It takes full advantage of recent FileMaker features. Every engineering choice was made to meet the goals of providing the best and most modern starter solution available. Includes plainly named tables, fields and scripts; anchor-buoy Relationship graph; Contact selector Card windows; Native JSON script parameter passing; fmFlare and BrilliantSync ready for integration with external web services.

The data model is designed for simplicity and flexibility. For example, Accounts, Employees, Clients, People, and other common tables are combined into a single Contacts table so that components can be reused and applied consistently throughout the solution. If you add a module for sending messages via Slack, any Contact in the database can utilize it without building a separate integration for each entity. For simplicity, estimates are handled via an invoice in Quote status rather than requiring 2 additional tables and many additional layouts.

One goal of this solution is to let FileMaker be FileMaker. We’ve not attempted to reinvent the things that come built in. Where FileMaker provides a built-in toolbar, we allow access to it. fmIgnite Starter’s UI design is elegant, modern, and easy to use. Buttons are easily discoverable in blue for navigation and grey buttons for everything else. fmIgnite Starter Themes and styles are identical to its big brother fmIgnite so that even layout elements can be moved to a future fmIgnite Pro solution if required.

We have not included complex InsertFromUrl (aka cURL) calls and API integration technologies in fmIgnite Starter because they are not required when you pair the app with BrilliantSync or fmFlare. While FileMaker 16 added extended support for JSON and cURL commands, these can’t insulate you from the constantly changing APIs of web services. Using fmFlare or BrilliantSync allows you to connect to the web services using straight forward FileMaker script steps — no Computer Science degree necessary.

For someone new to FileMaker, fmIgnite Starter is a great place to start. It is simple, clean, organized, and understandable. It’s a solid foundation upon which you can build your key differentiator and competitive advantage technology solution for your organization. Unlike other solutions, fmIgnite Starter has a clear and efficient upgrade path to fmIgnite Pro, our fully featured enterprise FileMaker business solution with over 10,000 hours ($1.75 million in R&D) invested in it.

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