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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 9/1/2020

Language: English

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Barcode creation through the Zebra API

Create Barcodes in FileMaker Container fields using a "Insert from URL" RESTful call to Zebra API

This solution is a module for creating and inserting barcodes into FileMaker Container fields using the Zebra API over the internet. This is a FileMaker template/extension that is designed for you to copy the script into your own solution. Zebra is a well know company for producing label printers for the parcel shipping industry (UPS, Fedex, USPS) and making sure barcodes print properly. To solve some of these problems, they have created an API that is accessible over the internet whereby you can submit data to their RESTful API and it will return a graphic of the barcode type you select. The API requires you to register to get credentials for making calls to the API and you will have to register with Zebra to get an account. Zebra offers APIs that do many things and barcoding is only one of them. They have a basic barcode account for free that, as of the release of this solution, allows for up to 10,000 barcodes a month and not more than 5 requests per second. Higher levels of availability can be purchased.

This is a free solution from TMS Software, LLC, but we have no control over the API or any changes that Zebra makes and we do not warrant that it will always work. Additional support is available through our paid consulting services.

Here is a list of barcodes supported as of September 2020: auspost, azteccode, azteccodecompact, aztecrune, bc412, channelcode, codablockf, code11, code128, code16k, code2of5, code32, code39, code39ext, code49, code93, code93ext, codeone, coop2of5, daft, databarexpanded, databarexpandedcomposite, databarexpandedstacked, databarexpandedstackedcomposite, databarlimited, databarlimitedcomposite, databaromni, databaromnicomposite, databarstacked, databarstackedcomposite, databarstackedomni, databarstackedomnicomposite, databartruncated, databartruncatedcomposite, datalogic2of5, datamatrix, datamatrixrectangular, dotcode, ean13, ean13composite, ean14, ean2, ean5, ean8, ean8composite, flattermarken, gs1-128, gs1-128composite, gs1-cc, gs1datamatrix, gs1datamatrixrectangular, gs1northamericancoupon, gs1qrcode, hanxin, hibcazteccode, hibccodablockf, hibccode128, hibccode39, hibcdatamatrix, hibcdatamatrixrectangular, hibcmicropdf417, hibcpdf417, hibcqrcode, iata2of5, identcode, industrial2of5, interleaved2of5, isbn, ismn, issn, itf14, japanpost, kix, leitcode, matrix2of5, maxicode, micropdf417, microqrcode, msi, onecode, pdf417, pdf417compact, pharmacode2, pharmacode, planet, plessey, posicode, postnet, pzn, qrcode, rationalizedCodabar, raw, royalmail, sscc18, symbol, telepen, telepennumeric, ultracode, upca, upcacomposite, upce, and upcecomposite

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