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Product Type: Apps

Price: 300€ Team license "on premise"

Last updated: 4/1/2020

Language: English

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To Do list for you filemaker app

Made in FileMaker this "2do list" lets you create task and subtask and link with you database

A complete 2do list (like wunderlist, ToDo and so on) with tasks, subtasks, attachments, due date and allocation to another user, notes, priority, extended drag&drop support, preset of you repeated operations, notification badge;
Every user has it's privilege set provided by it's administrator; CMI2do supports for multi-company: a user can share list from another company.

You can use it on premise or on cloud (you must have your FileMaker license

You add a button in you database in order to open a list in the 2do calling a script (you can skip the login providing the proper script parameter; you can also put a portal in you database
Available a completely unlocked version; you can modify theme and styles and any other behavior

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