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Product Type: Apps

Price: tier 1: up to 50 titles ($480/yr), tier 2: up to 100 titles ($600/yr), tier 3: up to 250 titles ($720/yr), tier 4: up to 500 titles ($960/yr), tier 5: up to 1000 titles ($1200/yr)...Note: over 1000 titles, please contact us directly. Pricing tiers are based on a unique ISBN for each title. Applicable taxes are extra.

Last updated: 8/1/2020

Language: English

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Designed & Built for Book Publishers of all sizes

Benefits: Importing Sales, Produce Author Royalty Statements, Accuracy, Historical Data, Reporting.

Description of the Head Start Royalties Module:

The Royalties Module is about automating the Royalties due to Authors and Co-authors
• the Royalties Module can reduce the processing time to several hours

• Authors may have an unlimited # of book Titles (each Title is uniquely identified by an ISBN)

• Titles may have an unlimited # authors
- Authors include the primary Author, Co-authors, Editors, designated persons or organizations to whom royalties can be donated
- Authors may have different Royalty % for the same Titles (eg. author A = 5%, author B = 3.5%)
- an Author may donate all or part of the Royalties to other persons or organizations

• Sales are imported as often as desired or monthly according to the publisher's workflow
- some Distributor sales files are pre-designed (setting up new Distributors can be part of Training or added by us for a fee
- a list view of sales is provided with the ability to Search and review large amounts of data, from which many reports can be developed or exported
- reports can be exported as Excel or PDF files

• Royalties can be created from the Sales data regularly according to the publisher's workflow (eg. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)
- Royalty Statements can be reviewed as often as necessary (if mistakes are discovered, the Royalties can be updated anytime throughout the current Royalty Season
- minimum payment thresholds can be set (eg. only pay an author when royalties exceed a value like $100)
- unpaid balances from previous years are tracked until they are cleared to $0 when a Royalty payment is made
- deductions are tracked for a variety of categories

Major benefits:
• Accuracy
- Titles, Sales, Royalties, Unpaid Balances, Deductions are important as they relate to Authors and Co-authors
- machine enforced data is a critical element in preventing errors (data coming from 3rd party Sales organizations in Excel or CSV format may contain invisible errors like extra spaces or carriage return
- Head Start makes a list of errors, allowing the user to correct the issues (before re-importing the repaired list)
- duplicate Authors may also pose issues, especially if more then 1 person is involved in the setup of Author info. Head Start has a feature called Merge Authors, which moves all related data (from 1 author to another) if a duplicate is discovered. The merge includes moving Titles, Sales, Royalties, Deductions, Unpaid Balances...

• Advances/Deductions and Unpaid Balances
- advances are added to Titles for any Author or Co-author
- deductions are tracked in Titles area and Royalties area (accuracy is crucial as deductions may take several years to repay)
- unpaid balances are carried over from year to year if sales do not achieve the minimum requirement (preset in Preferences area to avoid Royalty Payments below a specific threshold)

• Historical reference
- Sales and Royalties are tracked (much info can be gleaned year over year from the history)
- historical data can help answer specific questions very quickly for authors, staff, accountants
- the Sales area is specially developed for Searching & Summarizing data by Title, Author, Category, Distributor, Import Period, Status...

Minor benefits:
• Personalized Email (the module is included in both the Authors and Contacts area)
- an email template can be created for updating all Authors on upcoming news or events
- Head Start-RM maintains a history of the communications with authors

• Marketing:
- an email template can be created for Marketing to existing Contacts or new Prospects

• Author Charity
- authors may choose to donate some or all of their royalties to Charitable Entities (organization or individual)
- Head Start allows a Charitable Entity to be setup as an Author and receive a royalty %
- the donating Author's Royalty % is reduced accordingly

Custom Benefits:
• extra cost depending on requirements

What's New

build 278: updated Security & Preferences

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