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Last updated: 6/30/2021

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Integrate Twilio Programmable Voice into your FileMaker Apps

A simple, flexible voice solution for offices, working from home, advertising and more.

Mandelbrot’s Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is an advanced, cloud-based telephone switching system built in the FileMaker and Twilio ecosystems. It is designed as a standalone product that is both capable of replacing a typical office phone system and/or integrating existing cell/desk phones into your voice solution. Since it is built in FileMaker, it integrates far more easily with existing FileMaker custom apps than any other phone system available.

PBX comes with a ton of really great features, including:

Integration-ready FileMaker Caller ID Window
Live Call Controls (Blind Transfer, Conference, Observe,
PBX comes with a ton of really great features, including:

Integration-ready FileMaker Caller ID Window
Outbound Dialing w/Business Caller IDs
Inbound Call Routing to SIP and PSTN Phones
Unified Voicemail
Call Logging + Recording
DND Bypass
Outbound Conference Calling
Email and SMS Notifications
SIP Phone Compatibility
User Presence Management

PBX is completely cloud based, allowing you to administrate your voice network from anywhere, anytime. With our FileMaker based interface, even the most novice administrators can have their phone networks up and running in minutes. Select one of your PBX endpoints and have it route inbound calls to up to ten users.

PBX is designed to work seamlessly with any existing phone, even phones with dead batteries, no signal or set to “do not disturb”. Enable DND Bypass, an AI based answering machine detection algorithm that lets inbound calls keep ringing while PBX searches for a human who is ready to answer the call.

Be clairvoyant. Every inbound call is looked up in your FileMaker database or in Whitepages Pro Caller ID before you answer. Get caller ID details texted to you or displayed in the included Caller ID Window. Integrate your data to get a glimpse of the caller’s FileMaker record, view the caller’s history, listen to or share voicemails and call recordings, add notes, indicate satisfaction and more.

Record both inbound and outbound calls to/from your PBX endpoint phone numbers. Once recorded, share recordings with your team via SMS, email or URL. With a little planning, coach live calls. Create an outbound conference call in the admin console. Once the call is live, click the whispering figure icon next to the conference participant you want to coach. PBX will call your phone and connect you to the conference when you answer. You will be able to hear everyone but only the participant you’re coaching will hear you.

Never maroon a voicemail on a cell phone again. Each shared endpoint has shared voicemail where any user who misses a call can hear the audio. The voicemail icon is also color coded so users can tell instantly if someone else has listened to a specific voicemail; red is new to everyone, yellow is new to you, green is heard, grey is no voicemail.

PBX uses custom AWS Lambda webhooks to deliver information about your calls in real time. Because call data flows directly into PBX from the Twilio Supernetwork, users can opt to receive notifications when certain events occur or attach FileMaker scripts to create custom workflows.

Set outbound caller ID to a Twilio number, which makes their private numbers stay private. Use the included dial pad to route calls through your phone using your business caller ID. Or, embed a click to call button in your solution with the included “PBX_Click_To_Call” FileMaker script.

Set up SIP phones for any number of users. Then, give those users a three digit extension, business caller ID, auto answer, or use the SIP credentials for soft phones.

Call logs, including Twilio JSON, are automatically stored in a FileMaker database in real time. Logs also contain links to call recordings and voicemails. Creating custom reports is as simple as connecting to PBX as an External Data Source.

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