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Extended JSEditor in Filemaker

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Product Type: Apps

Price: Free

Last updated: 11/15/2020

Language: English

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A JavaScript Editor with Extended Features for FMPro 19 - 16

Allow any FileMaker text field to access an extended set of Rich Text Editing features.

The Extended JSEditor is an example file of the power FileMaker Developers are now exposed to with the integration of native Javascript code within the Claris FileMaker product line. New FileMaker 19 Functions for Javascript will provide us with a wealth of future opportunities to provide efficient workflows for the client.

• It is best to test this solution on a Mac or PC where only 1 version of FileMaker is installed
- this Full Featured Editor was integrated for use in FM 19 and works with previous versions 16, 17, 18
- after making an edit, click the Save button (autosave will be implemented for FM 19 as a future update)

Features include but are not limited to:
Undo / Redo
Formatting (Paragraph / Quote / Headers H1-H4)
Bold / Italics / Strikethrough
Fonts (Ariel, Helvetica...)
Text Size (Small / Regular / Large / Custom)
Text Colour / Text Background Colour
Text Align (Left / Centre / Right / Justify)
Lists (Unordered / Ordered)
Superscript / Subscript
Insert Table (multiple column and row selection)
Insert Special Characters / Emojis
Insert Links / Remove Links
Insert Image (URL / Base64)
Insert Audio
Insert Horizontal Rule (horiz. line)
Line Height (Small / Regular / Large / Extra Large)
Remove Format
Save [required]

Extended JSEditor in FileMaker is available for download from the Product Description URL

Comments can be sent to info@treasure-chest-solutions.ca

What's New

Works on any default FileMaker Client installation of versions 19, 18, 17, 16 including PC & Mac (local & hosted)

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