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Product Type: Claris Smart Pack

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Last updated: 10/19/2021

Language: English

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Safely providing food security so remote learners can focus on their studies.

Manage remote student verification and curbside meal delivery for schools.

With remote learning, schools are required to provide meals to students, so meal service options such as curbside meal pickup or remote meal delivery are critical. And to ensure that schools get reimbursed from federal and state governments, the identity and age of a student needs to be captured and verified when a student is not present during meal pickup. Many schools are using antiquated point of sale systems, or just paper to collect the required data.

The MealID Lite is a COVID-19 safety-compliant solution, using QR code scanning technology, that allows food service providers to verify the identity of meal recipients and record meals delivered on the day of and days in advance, with full counting, claiming, and reporting capabilities — all in real time. This helps protect cafeteria employees and also helps to keep the community safe.

Schools that use The MealID cut meal distribution time by 33% and reduce the amount of staff and locations needed to provide food for remote learners.

• Track multi-meal across multiple days.
• Generate reports for government reimbursement.
• Dedicated workflow for food service providers.
• Separate workflow for administrators.

The QR code feature is the perfect replacement for physical documents used in various applications across school districts. For The MealID Lite, families are emailed a unique QR code that, when presented at pickup, can be quickly scanned with a mobile device camera to verify identity in a matter of seconds, minimizing contact with parents.

Meal recordings can be made for a single meal, multiple meals, multiple days and even for future dates in just a few seconds. Duplicate meal notifications are sent if a meal has already been provided for a student from any district site.

Quick and easy report generation allows districts to comply with all requirements pertaining to counting and claiming for reimbursement. Plus, there are dedicated browser interfaces, functions, and reports for a district administrator or cafeteria managers.

The MealID has helped schools across Texas efficiently deliver over 200,000 student meals within the past year.

“The MealID has been invaluable in validating students and efficiently collecting the meal delivery information that allows us to fully report and respond to audits.”
- Yolanda, Director of Child Nutrition Services, International Leadership of Texas 

Set up for The MealID Lite easy. There’s no software to install. Simply run the app through a web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

There are also on-demand training videos to get you up and running quickly. Food service team members can be fully trained and using the solution in the field after one virtual session.

For individualized installation and access to advanced features, upgrade to the standard paid version of The MealID. Our team works with you to gather everything needed for us to create your instance, connect to your Student Information System and pre-populate all data required for launch within one week of your commitment.

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