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Product Type: Apps

Price: 499

Last updated: 12/1/2020

Language: English

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Project Management Software for Freelance Agencies

HIghPower Freelance is powerful project management software combined with great CRM abilities.

HighPower Freelance is software for freelancers who want to grow their business. With the ability to track clients, proposals, projects, tasks, invoices, and worklogs, the software provides everything one might need to start and expand their software agency. There are two special modules especially designed for software companies; these are Licenses and Hosting, to track the many details associated with selling licenses and providing hosting to people.

The structure of HighPower Freelance is very straight-forward:
Clients have Projects
Projects have Tasks
Tasks are made of Worklogs
Worklogs are assembled into Invoices.
Invoices make you money!

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