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Product Type: Claris Smart Pack

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Last updated: 10/19/2021

Language: English

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Get real-time visibility into your school’s inventory.

Simplify the tracking and management of your school’s inventory.

Big, enterprise inventory systems are designed to manage procurement and fulfillment. They track either high volumes of low-value items or low amounts of high-value items. But what happens if you want track inventory that may not have a high price tag, but is still vital for running your school? What if you have small storerooms and not a big warehouse? And once you get shipments, how do you track the movement of that inventory from place to place?

CSM Lite is inventory tracking software that’s perfect for keeping track of stock activity including monitoring the number of items on hand, movement between multiple storerooms, stock takes, and usage levels. Track everything from textbooks, pencils, paper supply to masks, gloves, and disinfectant wipes.

• View stock levels.
• Manage products on one screen.
• Manage locations on one screen.
• Search and filer records.

The simple and intuitive interface of CSM Lite lets you get insight into the whereabouts of your inventory, without spending a lot time. Manage all of your school’s warehouse transfers of stock from a single system — even for multiple storerooms or warehouses in different locations.

View all of your transactions and the status of your items from a centralized app. Identify how many items have to been used and how many are left. Track the movement of items and their associated images by adding a serial number or barcode. Get information in real time instead of in just a daily or weekly report — making purchase decisions easier.

Organizations use CSM for fast, easy inventory tracking so they can focus on the important tasks at hand, without being burdened by cumbersome inventory management processes.

“The product is robust, yet intuitive, and works well to join up data sets across multiple devices — solving a problem we had within a few days.”

- Chief Clinical Information Officer, London Ambulance Service

To get started, download the app, catalog your inventory and your locations, and you’re ready to go. You can easily import your data from a spreadsheet, CSV file, or XML file. When hosted on either Claris FileMaker Cloud or Claris FileMaker Server, CSM Lite is designed to work on iPad or a desktop.

The standard paid version of CSM offers additional inventory management functionality for schools such as multi-level location reporting, real-time alerts, and burn rate forecasting.

Or can customize CSM Lite with automations to meet your exact needs. We’d be happy to tailor the app for you. For example, we can extend the app to include automated workflows, create custom reports, and integrate with your existing inventory and financial systems.

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