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Last updated: 12/23/2020

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The Javascript Series - Menu Tree Navigation for FM 19 - 17

Allow any FileMaker layout to use a Menu Tree (accordion) Navigation system.

JS Menu Tree Navigation is an example file of the power FileMaker Developers are now exposed to with the integration of Native Javascript code within the Claris FileMaker product line.

New FileMaker 19 Functions for Javascript will provide us with a wealth of future opportunities to provide efficient workflows for the client.

Allows developer to add an accordion style Navigation which has been common on the Web for many years, but not easily implemented in FileMaker till recently.
One script step contains the location where all Menu Trees Labels can be entered as well as the corresponding FileMaker Layouts and the SVG Label Icons

This file is open source and a good place to learn about the benefits of Javascript / FileMaker integration. Login Access is as follows:
• User: review
• Password: review

Options include:
• onClick (default) clicking on the Menu Tree Navigation labels will go to the selected layout
• onMouseOver/Out (selection from dashboard) the Menu Tree Navigation labels will expand & contract automatically

Javascript User Admin area includes:
• naming desired label (main & nested)
• select corresponding FileMaker layout
• select an icon for any label
• change label text & icon colour

What's New

Works on any default FileMaker Client installation of versions 19, 18, 17 including PC & Mac (local & hosted) Not tested on FMP 16

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