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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: Free

Last updated: 5/6/2024

Language: English

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A simple and powerful logging module

Make your database more robust by adding logging functionality to your solution within minutes.

Add simple logging functionality to any FileMaker solution. This add-on includes a beautiful log in list view, detail view, auto clean-up/delete every given number of days and a filtering functionality. The logging script can be added to any solution to track activities, session times, and much more.

What's New

Our add-on now features a clear call to action when viewing logs, along with efficient filtering for quick retrieval of specific records. The headers are more informative, displaying details such as the creator, script, and creation time of each log. Enjoy a sleek and contemporary visual experience with our modern design. Logs from multiple sessions are logically chained for easy navigation. Additionally, a new intuitive settings popover provides quick access to various options like logging instructions, record cleanup, data export, test record creation, and time offset settings.

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