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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: Free

Last updated: 4/6/2021

Language: English

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A data visualisation add-on by Lesterius

Add data visualisation elements from the Chart.js framework to your solution in seconds.

Lesterius is proud to present a free charts add-on using the chartjs framework (v. 2.8.0)

With some basic Filemaker and SQL knowledge you will enter your data and labels in the necessary script and you’ll be looking at a cool chart in no time.
Don’t worry, we added info to get you started.

Included charts:
-Horizontal bar

Included functionalities:
-Show/hide and position the chart title
-Show/hide and position the legend
-Show/hide axes and axes labels
-Enable/disable data in the legend by clicking the dataset
-Pick 1 color or pick as many colours as you need by picking a color multiple times in the settings. No limiting color schemes.
-Interact with the chart by clicking a dataset and return the info to Filemaker.
-Add multiple add-on instances and chose chart settings per instance
-Show/hide and position legend

We are planning to extend the type of charts and functionalities in future releases.
Do you have request or desperately crave to a certain functionality in this add-on?
Let us know:

Lesterius is not responsible for any changes made to the chartsjs framework.
Of course we will do our very best to keep the add-on up-to-date.

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