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Product Type: Templates

Price: Free

Last updated: 8/24/2021

Language: English

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Free, modifiable Asset template

Keep track of your Asset information along with check out features.

The assets customizable template you keep track of your Asset information along with check out features that allow you to see where the Asset is and who has it as well as when they are due back. You also have a running history allowing you to view patterns of asset usage and keep track of ongoing required maintenance.

Included in Asset Manager is a barcode scanning Add On, allowing you to quickly create and check in assets on a device with a camera.

You can also print barcodes to add efficiency to your business for checking in and out assets. This template also runs on iPhones in FileMaker Go with a custom workflow for searching the asset list as well as checking in and out items utilizing the barcode scanner for quick updates on the go.

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