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Product Type: Templates

Price: Free

Last updated: 8/24/2021

Language: English

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Free, modifiable Donations template

Helps non-profits running campaigns reach their fundraising goals.

The donations template helps non-profits running off of donations or business running campaigns reach their fundraising goals. This customizable template helps organize each campaign, donors and donations.

Each campaign allows you to track your percentage toward your goal and how much money has been pledged against what donations have already been received. While you are on the go, you can quickly utilize your iPhone and a specialized workflow to keep track of interactions with donors and any pledges or donations you receive.

The main dashboard gives you the high level summary you need to see a quick overview of how many pledges and donations for each campaign.

The charting Add Ons visually tracks your progress towards goals so you strategize where you need to target more donors.

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