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Product Type: Templates

Price: Starting at $219 for a single user or $9/mo when billed yearly

Last updated: 9/3/2019

Language: English

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The calendar add-on you've been waiting for.

Designed to be customized: a fast, shareable, drag & drop calendar you can paste into your file.

Balance Your Workload -- Multi-user: see each user's calendar side by side. Scan for gaps and drag items to reassign resources. Resources can include users, trucks, rooms, or processes. Perfect for field service scheduling.

Link or Embed DayBack in your Own Files -- Follow our step-by-step instructions to show your own records in the calendar. Paste DayBack Calendar in as a new layout into your own file, or keep it separate and link it to your solution. Includes placeholder tables for your own contacts and projects so calendar events can be related to those records.

Multiple Calendars -- Show different FileMaker finds and tables as their own calendars. Make appointments in the gaps between all your calendars: always making decisions in context.

Add Your Own Buttons -- Custom actions let you jump right to your own FileMaker layouts, connect to 3rd party apps, and take action from within the calendar.

Publish and Share your FileMaker Calendar -- Create public, read-only URLs from filtered calendars to share schedules with customers and contractors. Changes made in DayBack are automatically synced to that URL so it stays up to date.

Measure Your Schedule with Calendar Analytics -- Count and sum values in your events across date ranges so see where you're meeting your goals or over-extending your team. Quickly see patterns that are invisible in traditional reports.

Designed to Be Customized -- Change every aspect of the calendar display with CSS. And run your own FileMaker scripts when events are created, dragged, edited, or opened.


DayBack requires FileMaker 13.v3 or higher and is tuned for FileMaker 17 and 18.

Free 30-Day Trial -- A completely unlocked 30-day trial is available so you can integrate DayBack with your own files and see your schedule in the calendar.

Thorough documentation and high-touch support included.

What's New

New build improves FMP URL detection for FileMaker 18+ and fixes an issue where the "Show event on calendar" button would sometimes work intermittently. Improved analytics estimates so they no longer show values with many decimal places when decimal values have not been set. Also improved analytics when the option to chart by week, month or day cannot be changed because the time scale being viewed may be too long.

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