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Last updated: 10/1/2021

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FileMaker FedEx Tracking API Extension Template

FileMaker Extension that utilizes the FedEx RESTful API to track package information.

This FileMaker Extension is a template with the scripts necessary to access the FedEx RESTful API to obtain tracking information from a tracking number. Beginning Summer 2021, FedEx made their data available via a RESTful API which is friendly to FileMaker's tools meaning you do not need to know SOAP anymore or use middleware. This is still in beta and a few feature changes may be coming. This template only accesses tracking data via a tracking number, which actually is only a small part of the overall API feature set. You will need to apply for developer credentials from FedEx and the API requires token authentication. This template is not designed as a final solution, but is meant for you to copy the script into your own solution and use it to update your FedEx data. How it is commonly used is to run a schedule script once an hour on all non-delivered tracking numbers and update their data until delivery is confirmed.

What's New

This is version 1 and technically still part of the FedEx beta program. But it is stable in this version.

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