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Product Type: Extensions

Price: 24U Toolbox Plug-In v3 Client License $49.00, 24U Toolbox Plug-In v3 Server License $499.00, 24U Toolbox Plug-In v3 iOS App License up to 20 users $499.00, up to 100 users $999.00, up to 500 users $1,999.00, unlimited users $3,999.00

Last updated: 9/24/2021

Language: English

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Swiss army knife for faster development

It is a robust FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows your FileMaker Pro databases to do many things...

Toolbox is a robust FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows your FileMaker Pro databases to:

- Execute FileMaker or System shell scripts to automate tasks inside/outside of FileMaker Pro
- Execute SQL commands to develop faster and keep your solution clean
- Match & replace regular expressions to find & replace text fast using patterns
- Merge data values into text while maintaining styling to apply templates quickly and easily
- Lookup DNS name for IP & vice versa to find out who is connecting from where
- Get current public IP to know more about clients and discover potential security attacks
- Define global keyboard shortcuts to avoid unnecessarily excessive use of script triggers
- Obtain precise microsecond timestamps to measure nearly unmeasurable chunks of time
- Get the type of a FileMaker variable to let your scripts make the right decisions
- Share variables between databases to avoid creating too many external data sources
- NEW! Get rich text as HTML to generate crystal clean HTML and CSS
- NEW! Support for iOS App SDK and FileMaker Cloud makes the plug-in work on the whole FileMaker Platform

What's New

Toolbox 3 New function Toolbox_GetAsHTML - Support for Native iOS FM Go apps - Now works on FileMaker Cloud

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