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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: 60 €

Last updated: 12/31/2021

Language: English

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A portal entirely customizable and dynamic

Full Portal is an improvement of the native portals proposed by FileMaker Pro.

This add-on is a complete tool that you can integrate to your FileMaker solutions. Full Portal is an improvement of the native portals proposed by FileMaker Pro, keeping the native functionalities and adding dynamism and customization.

In addition, this add-on allows you to display and manipulate data sets, move, resize rows and columns. Full Portal also allows you to interact with your database's records and provides sorting and searching tools.
Main features :

Format JSON data into a dynamic table
Ability to scroll horizontally
Manage the add-on's main parameters
Manage the add-on's style parameters
Resize rows and columns
Move rows and columns
Edit data
Ability to filter datas
Ability to sort datas
Customization of table headers
Customizable functional columns
Import and export data from and to FileMaker
Save the table's layout changes
FileMaker scripts to interact with the add-on
Responsive or fixed table height by specifying a number of rows

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