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Product Type: Apps

Price: Starting at $5000

Last updated: 2/10/2022

Language: English

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Powerful FileMaker-based app for service oriented businesses

The most feature complete, cost-effective, and fully customizable FileMaker-based business solution.

fmIgnite® is a powerful foundation for a customized solution that meets your exact business needs. It is a fully integrated system based on the #1 workplace innovation platform in the world FileMaker Pro. It is the tool that can make your business more effective, productive, and profitable. A custom system built on fmIgnite allows you to own your data and build a unique asset for your company that gives you a competitive advantage.

fmIgnite® for Service Businesses is a customized version of fmIgnite® expressly designed for companies that provide services such as repair, construction, maintenance, legal, installation, guides, planners, cleaning, inspection, etc. These companies have many needs that call for custom software solutions. Functions include tracking all clients with a CRM, jobs, communications, invoicing, estimating, scheduling, service notices, mapping, routing, inventory, etc.

Paired with cloud hosting, you will have incredible flexibility to access the solution from anywhere, and LuminFire can customize the system to fit your specific business needs.

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