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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: 59$

Last updated: 11/1/2021

Language: English

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Add-on to implement a sorting mechanism to your custom app

Implement a sorting mechanism with clickable column headers (portals and list views).

Thanks to 1MT Sort, you can implement a sorting mechanism in just a few moments, either on a list layout or above a portal.

This add-on includes:
• Clickable column headers
• Support for all data types
• Alternating ascending/descending sorting
• Sort order indicator (underlined text and arrow indicating ascending or descending sort)
• Independent sorting of several portals displaying the same data
• Preservation of the active record, active field and text selection

Limitations :
1MT Sort has been tested with datasets up to 2000 records, with remarkable performance (with no discernible difference to native sorting). At 10,000 records the native sort is significantly faster.
Decreasing sorting of text fields in languages using an alphabet other than Latin and its derivatives, like Greek, Cyrillic, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew… is not supported natively but the function can be adapted.

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