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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: Free

Last updated: 5/10/2022

Language: English

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A FileMaker theme by Proof+Geist

A lightweight, Material, and IBM Carbon-inspired theme and helper add-on.

水 (Mizu) is a lightweight, Material, and IBM Carbon-inspired theme and helper file primarily intended for FileMaker developers and affiliate devs at Proof+Geist (Proof).

⚠️ If you are looking for a general-purpose theme to replace a built-in theme such as Minimalist or Apex Blue, this probably ain't it.

Mizu works best when applied as part of the overall development and design philosophy, and design system at Proof. Some of its tenets are:

Team > Individual
Process over heroics
Ship, iterate
Avoid undifferentiated work
Automate the boring stuff to pay attention to the important stuff.
Start small, loosely coupled
UI (look) is good; UX (feel) matters more.
Also, grids.

Mizu is made for FileMaker 19 or higher. It probably works in FileMaker 18 but your mileage may vary :).

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