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Product Type: Add-ons

Price: 12 €

Last updated: 4/1/2022

Language: English

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An ergonomic menu to centralize your navigation !

Side Menu allows you to centralise ergonomic menus for your solutions with a lot of functionalities.

This "add-on" extension allows you to create custom navigation menus for your FileMaker Pro solutions. Using our custom functions, it is possible to create a menu tree on 2 levels, an element can be unfolded to display its linked elements. It is possible to use a configuration by layout and object or to centralize the configuration by saving it in a field. In addition to being able to centralize menu management,the Side Menu has the advantage of allowing vertical scrolling on its height, thus the size of your layout is independent of the size of your navigation menu.
Items can be associated with FileMaker scripts and can be personalized with icons and text. You can also change the display mode of the menu to present only the icons.
Main features

Creating a navigation menu, either using custom functions or using pre-formatted JSON code
Ability to scroll vertically in the menu
Creating Master Elements or Sub-Elements
Associating items with FileMaker Pro scripts
Association of elements with Fonts Awesome icons or with svg code
Manage add-on style settings
Display mode with both icons and labels or only with icons
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